Our mission is to revolutionize the speed and integrity of data collaboration.

We’re creating a shared standard so we finally have a common language. Our powerful platform, Great Expectations, enables teams to have confidence in the quality of their data so they can focus on actionable, real-world insights.

Our Story

Great Expectations was created in 2017 as a side project between two longtime friends, Abe Gong (CEO) and James Campbell (CTO). After encountering many of the same pain points around data quality, they independently arrived at the same conclusion: data practitioners needed a better way to test and document their data. At the time, Abe was leading Superconductive Health, a healthcare data consultancy, and James was a researcher at the Laboratory for Analytical Sciences. They jumped at the chance to work together and started collaborating on Great Expectations as an open source project.

The platform was launched at the Strata Data & AI Conference in 2018, which kicked off a groundswell of support, buzz, and contributions. Data engineers, scientists, and analysts loved the flexibility, extensibility, and expressiveness of the platform. Non-technical data stakeholders loved the way the data documentation enabled visibility and collaboration. Within a few months, it was clear that a rare momentum was building around data quality and that Great Expectations was at the forefront of the movement.

In 2019, we pivoted our focus to building Great Expectations. We raised a first round of venture capital and began actively building the open source community around Great Expectations—which became one of the fastest-growing data communities in the world.

Today, the Superconductive team is growing rapidly. We're backed by some of the best open source and data infrastructure investors in the industry. We're pursuing a product-led, developer-first path to commercialization and building a SaaS product that augments the Great Expectations open source framework to provide a holistic organizational solution for data quality. We're a people-first team, prioritizing individual professional development and providing unique career opportunities as the company scales.

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$21 Million

Series A

May 2021

Index Ventures with CRV & Root Ventures

$40 million

Series B

February 2022

Tiger Global with Index Ventures, CRV & Root Ventures

Our Values

We take a human-centric approach to team building, and we know value extends far beyond skillset. Rooted in community, we understand that our best work happens when people are the top priority. We’re collaborative self-starters who get things done with an innate curiosity. We are focused on making a sustainable impact on the wider community. We approach challenges with creativity, and we seek to understand, not just to ensure we’re understood. We support each other to shine brightly—personally and professionally.

Engage the whole human

Connection underlies our commitment to community, development, and support. We invest consciously in individual growth and continuous improvement.

  • Dedicated team for People Operations
  • 30/60/90 day framework and formal performance reviews include 360° feedback
  • Regular team offsites (virtual + IRL opportunities), including our beloved Superconductive book swap

Work out loud

Transparency is key for our people and our product. We work in the open, collaborate regularly, seek feedback early and often, and embrace problem-solving together.

  • Shared calendars to enable spontaneous collaboration
  • Shared individual availability + communication preferences to support personal boundaries
  • Open team Slack channels to promote transparency across the company

Progress over perfection

Curiosity drives our default to action. We aim to solve for the root cause, even when that means embracing ambiguity.

  • Adaptive 6-week agile cycles and 6-month roadmaps
  • Internal and external hackathon challenges
  • Weekly Demo Day to share wins and learnings across teams

Our Teams


We build and maintain delightful, easy-to-use software that scales our community and our business. Engineering is also responsible for policy development, risk management, and commercial cloud hosting security controls.


We work cross-functionally to ensure that the entire organization is aligned on the product vision, strategy, and goals. We are the engine that helps prioritize and build the features that provide value to our community of open source contributors and customers.

Developer Relations

We are the advocates for our rapidly growing open source community, responsible for engaging both users and contributors. We create robust ecosystem partnerships and integrations to bring powerful open source learnings to the broader team.

Sales & Marketing

We’re the team of storytellers and content creators that drive our partnerships and communications strategy forward. We are leading the conversation about data quality.


We connect with employees, partner with teams and departments, and build and evolve company-wide infrastructure to support our individual and shared success—functionally and culturally. We engage with prospective top talent and support the growth and development of our team.