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We are a fast-growing, community-driven, highly-collaborative team, backed by some of the world’s best open-source investors. Our mission is to revolutionize the speed and integrity of data collaboration.

Headshot of Abe Gong, PhD

Abe Gong, PhD

Headshot of Alex Sherstinsky
Staff Data Products & Machine Learning Engineer

Alex Sherstinsky

Headshot of Alina Weinstein
Go-To-Market Lead

Alina Weinstein

Headshot of Allen Sallinger
Software Engineer

Allen Sallinger

Headshot of Allen Yee
UX Designer

Allen Yee

Headshot of Amanda Bradshaw
Senior Manager, People Operations

Amanda Bradshaw

Headshot of Anthony Burdi
Senior Software Engineer

Anthony Burdi

Headshot of Austin Robinson
Developer Advocate

Austin Robinson

Headshot of Ben Castleton
Head of Partnerships

Ben Castleton

Headshot of Bill Dirks
Senior Software Engineer

Bill Dirks

Headshot of Chetan Kini
Software Engineer

Chetan Kini

Headshot of David Mann
Senior Project Specialist, Office of the CEO

David Mann

Headshot of David Talbot
Software Engineer

David Talbot

Headshot of Don Heppner
Director, Engineering

Don Heppner

Headshot of Drew Hoover
Senior Software Engineer

Drew Hoover

Headshot of Elena Jdanova
Software Engineer

Elena Jdanova

Headshot of Elizabeth Immen

Elizabeth Immen

Headshot of Erica Howard
Marketing Project Manager

Erica Howard

Headshot of Erik Hencier
Senior Product Manager

Erik Hencier

Headshot of Erin Kapp
Technical Marketing Content Writer

Erin Kapp

Headshot of Gabriel Gore
Software Engineer

Gabriel Gore

Headshot of Gregory Cardaci
People Operations Specialist

Gregory Cardaci

Headshot of Hannah Stokes
Developer Advocate

Hannah Stokes

Headshot of James Campbell

James Campbell

Headshot of José Tobar
Software Engineer

José Tobar

Headshot of Josh Stauffer
Software Engineer

Josh Stauffer

Headshot of Katrina Masiak
Senior Project Specialist, Office of the CTO

Katrina Masiak

Headshot of Ken Wade
Senior Developer Advocate

Ken Wade

Headshot of Kim Mathieu
Software Engineer

Kim Mathieu

Headshot of Kyle Eaton
Growth Lead

Kyle Eaton

Headshot of Lawrence Bruhmuller
VP of Engineering

Lawrence Bruhmuller

Headshot of Łukasz Lempart
Senior Software Engineer

Łukasz Lempart

Headshot of Lyndal Cairns
Product Marketing Manager

Lyndal Cairns

Headshot of Matthew Lundgren
Product Specialist

Matthew Lundgren

Headshot of Nathan Farmer
Software Engineer

Nathan Farmer

Headshot of Nic Grayson
Senior Software Engineer

Nic Grayson

Headshot of Nick Frazier
Finance Lead

Nick Frazier

Headshot of Rachel Reverie
Technical Writer

Rachel Reverie

Headshot of Rob Lim
Software Engineer

Rob Lim

Headshot of Robby Reinold
Software Engineer

Robby Reinold

Headshot of Ruben Orduz
Senior Developer Advocate

Ruben Orduz

Headshot of Ryan Sorensen
Director, Engineering

Ryan Sorensen

Headshot of Saahir Foux
Software Engineer

Saahir Foux

Headshot of Stephen Hedrick
Senior Technical Recruiting Lead

Stephen Hedrick

Headshot of Tal Gluck
Senior Developer Advocate

Tal Gluck

Headshot of Tanner Beam
Analytics Engineer

Tanner Beam

Headshot of Trang Nguyen
Senior UX Designer

Trang Nguyen

Headshot of Tyana Pierce-Mallory
Senior Recruiting Coordinator

Tyana Pierce-Mallory

Headshot of William Shin, PhD
Software Engineer

William Shin, PhD

Headshot of Zac Dalby
Business Operations Specialist

Zac Dalby